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Global Week for Syira – 5th Edition

The Fifth Edition of Global Week for Syria in Lebanon.
Day-by-day program below:

3 July Beirut
8:00 pm American University of Beirut (AUB)– Assembly Hall
Tania Saleh & Lina Nyberg in Harmony:
Tania Saleh (LB), Lina Nyberg (SE), Nancy Mounir (EG), David Stackenäs (SE), Josef Kellerdahl (SE), Susana Dos Santos Silva (PT), Peter Danemo (SE)

11:00 pm Mezyan
Ruedi Felder (CH), Tarek Skaikar (SY), Lina Nyberg (SE), David Stackenäs (SE), Josef Kellerdahl (SE), Peter Danemo (SE) and others

4 July Tripoli
6:00 pm @Beit El-Fan
Oriental Arabic Concert
By the students of “Beit El-Musiqa” (music house in Lebanese people’s relief),
direction Dr. Hayaf Yassine هيّاف ياسين

7:45 pm @Beit El-Fan
New European Ensemble (NL) and Tatiana Primak Khoury (LB/UA)
presenting works by Houtaf Khoury (LB), Hendrik Andriessen (NL) and others
AZM Cultural Center-Beit el Fan

5 July Beirut
7:30 pm American University of Beirut (AUB)Assembly Hall
Sawa Children Ensemble (SY) feat. Nigel Osborne (UK)
New European Ensemble (NL) and Tatiana Primak Khoury (LB/UA) presenting works by Houtaf Khoury (LB), Hendrik Andriessen (NL) and others

11:00 pm Mezyan
Samuel Rohrer (CH), Gerard Kleijn (NL), Guillermo Celano (AR), Florian Zenker (DE), Felicia Van Den End (NL), James Meldrum (UK), Eduardo Olloqui (ES), Connie Tanner (UK), Rune Brodahland (NL) and many others

6 July Tripoli
6:30 pm Warche 13 ورشة ١٣ Art & Civic Space
Exhibition Opening Re:Member Aleppo: work by Jens Kreinath, Narciso Contreras, Ruben Elsinga

12:00 pm – 5:00 pm @Warche 13 Cultural Bistro
Jazz master class and concert at 9 pm with Wild Man Conspiracy (NL/AR) Florian Zenker (DE), Maryana Golovchenko (UA/NL)

7 July Beirut
7.30 pm American University of Beirut (AUB)– Assembly Hall
We Are The World: Sonbola Choir (SY/LB) Conducted by Maestro Barkev Taslakian (LB) featuring Nadine Rossello (FR)

8:30 pm American University of Beirut (AUB)– Assembly Hall
Samuel Rohrer Project (CH), Scarlet Mounzer (LB), Florian Zenker (DE)

Nadine Rosello (FR) Featuring Tammam Saeed (SY) – L`Emigrante

9 July Beirut
8:00 pm American University of Beirut (AUB) – Assembly Hall
Florian Zenker (DE) and friends: Lynn Adib (SY), Florian Zenker (DE), Gerard Kleijn (NL), Samuel Rohrer ( CH)Guillermo Celano (AR), Maryana Golovchenko (UA/NL)

10 July Beirut
9:00 pm Riwaq Beirut – رِواق بيروت
Wild Man Conspiracy (NL/AR) and guests

11 July Beirut
8:00 pm Jeanne d’Arc Street – Sidani Street intersection Hamra Area
Khaled Omran (SY), Hani Al Sawah (SY), Tarek Khuluki (SY), Dani Shukri (SY), and guests

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