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Who We Are

who we are

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A project created and lead by Hamzet Wasel, its core action is to develop and manage an online portal for civil society institutions working in and for Syria.

The online portal will provide a series of different services, such as: online library, sharing and translating resources published by different NGOs, INGOs and researchers, NGOs directory, posting events done and will be implemented, announcing job vacancies, call for proposals, listing experts & trainers working in Syria and for Syria, national & international reports related to Syria, videos & media productions by NGOs, Trends Reports and launching initiatives and campaigns.

Rawabet aims to “Transform the level of communication and networking between NGOs & INGOs, NGOS & funding agencies, NGOs and local communities into an open, transparent, accountable and influential level”.

Rawabet Objectives are:

  • Citizens, activists, NGOs and INGOs are practicing their right to freedom of information.
  • Learning and sharing environment among civil society actors working in and for Syria is created.
  • NGOs & INGO are being held accountable by the local and national communities.

About Hamzet Wasel

The name in Arabic describes our identity and vision which means “Connect or Link”. Hamzet Wasel was founded by a group of activists who believe that the dis-communication between Syrians from different backgrounds and belongings is the main reason behind deepening the crisis in Syria. In addition to the dis-connection between Syrians and their belonging, identity and memory to the country as a home.

We believe that we are part of all and that civil society institutions have key and leading role in transforming the current crisis, through rejecting all types of violence, working with all Syrians without discrimination, fighting for freedoms, taking into consideration all human values and base our objectives and projects on human rights.

We believe that civil society institutions are the key holder of democratic and nonviolence change and the protector for its sustainability.

Our Dream for Syria (Mission)

Syrian society is civil and exist based on non-violence, democracy and human rights.

Hamzet Wasel is a Syrian non-governmental, non-profit organization, works in Syria with individuals, groups and civil institutions on increasing and enhancing their participation in public concern and practice of active citizenship. It works on increasing knowledge in theory and practice, empower skills, creating spaces for exchange of experience, sharing of resources and opportunities aiming at influencing policies and community issues.


Equity and Justice: Seeking to practice equity and justice as a foundation for all its relations and programs internally or in community and applying non-discriminatory approach in rights, opportunities and interventions.

Freedom: Seeking to create environment of freedom in thought, expression and attitude towards causes, views and directions that individuals practice internally and in community, based on human rights and believing that freedom is the key value to empower people with critical thinking, creativity and change.

Participation: Working to empower individuals and groups internally and in community of participation in thinking, planning, implementing and evaluating everything related to their lives. Because we believe that community participation in the change gives the sense of ownership and thus insuring its sustainability.

Appreciation and Pride:  Believing that we learn best from what works and that celebrating the success contributes to people’s appreciation to their achievements and pushes them forward to support each other’s achievements which help communities to grow. We believe that the Syrian community is in urgent need for this value as a motive to rebuild Syria the future.

Solidarity: It is a key value for community development, we are committed to solidarity towards humanitarian and nonviolence issues. We believe that real change can’t be reached alone without taking into consideration all diversified groups, getting to know them, their opinions and being in solidarity with them will lead to community stability and development. We practice solidarity even when it’s out of our scope of work.

Non-Violence: It’s the only way for the real democratic sustainable change, that leads to community stability and development and we state that we are against all types of violence no matter of its level or goals.

Non-Discrimination: Hamzet Wasel works in all Syrian cities and villages and with all Syrians regardless of their attitudes, views and belongings, since we believe that civic engagement is built on community priorities and needs which is a common ground for all community members regardless of their differences. Therefore, we work with all Syrians to achieve their priorities and improve their realities.


  • Empower individuals, groups and institutions from the knowledge in theory and practice on non-violence community change.
  • Rebuild the communication channels between Syrians from different backgrounds and belongings.
  • Respect, promote and practice of human rights.


Appreciative Inquiry

It is about the co-evolutionary search for the best in people, their organizations and the relevant world around them. In its broadest focus, it involves systematic discovery of what gives “life” to a living system when it is most alive, most effective, and most constructively capable in economic, ecological and human terms.

Interaction, Participation & Discovery

It is an approach based on learning by participation of individuals and groups, it depends on their interaction with the content and discovering the impact and the results. It includes discovering the goals through identifying priorities, empowering people with knowledge and concepts, practicing tools and skills, and participation in creating sustainable change.

Rights Based Approach

It is an approach which considers rights as the basis for designing programs, projects or initiatives for community development, Hamzet Wasel respects and practices human rights based approach in all sectors of its civic engagement and considers it the basis of any democratic and sustainable change that respects and insures human dignity.

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