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EMHRF Urgent Grants for Individual HRDs منحة للأفراد المدافعين عن حقوق الإنسان

EMHRF Urgent Grants for Individual HRDs

EMHRF Foundation aims at providing flexible financial assistance to regional, national and local human rights NGOs and institutes as well as individuals who promote, support, protect and monitor the observance of human rights in the South-Mediterranean region.

Grants are allocated to human rights defenders in difficulty or at risk, for the specific purpose of allowing them to protect their safety and pursue their activities, as well as to small human rights organisations or groups with the aim of strengthening their operational capacities to implement innovative activities in the region.

EMHRF Urgent Grants for Individual HRDs

Applicants seeking an urgent grant from the Foundation in support of their situations/activities must submit a written request in Arabic, English or French that meets the below-mentioned guidelines.

Preliminary considerations:Requests for emergency funding are considered when applicants can show that an intervention by the Foundation will help counter threats against their lives and/or those of members of their family and reinforce the visibility and pursuit of their activities at a strategic timing.

The amount of funding requested may not exceed EUR 5,000.The request is such that it cannot be fully supported on an emergency basis by another national, regional or international organisation.The Foundation reserves the right to ask for any other explanation/documentation to the candidates if needed and to decide on whether it will provide full or partial support.

The guidelines governing emergency interventions are as follows:

1. Background information about the applicant Designation of the applicant – Individual defender, NGO, Other/

Country of origin

Country of residence, if different from country of origin

Contact details

2. Background information about the contextA description of the context for which emergency assistance is requested and of the urgent nature of the situation.

Include a detailed description of the applicant’s activities in defense of human rights.

If available, include elinks to relevant websites.A description of the threats against the defender(s) or the NGO on the pursuit of his/her activities, if any.A description of the security management practices (ensuring the security of employees, partners and activities) used by the organisation, if any.

3. Urgent requestAmount of funding requested (indicate currency).A description of the needs to be covered in emergency and attach a budget and documentation to substantiate the expenses budget, if available.Duration of the requested support.A description of the expected outcomes of the urgent intervention.A description of how the applicant plans to cover living costs / secure the continuation of the NGO’s activities after the end of the requested grant.

Indication of whether the applicant has submitted their funding request to other possible donours, and if so to provide a list of donours and the amounts requested.

4. References

The applicant is to provide a list of human rights organisations acting as partners in the applicants activities.

The applicant is to provide at least two references/partners who would be contacted to support or endorse the applicants request.

The candidates can express themselves freely in their application and are free to provide further details.

All requests, including those which are denied, receive a written reply.

Even when an application is denied, the EMHRF Secretariat may follow-up if it can be determined that another organisation is in a position to support the applicant’s request.

Applications Accepted All Year Round.

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