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Alphabet K: Khalas – What’s next for MENA?

We bid farewell to Dirk Kunze, the FNF Lebanon and Syria Head of Office … but goodbyes don’t have to be sad… sometimes they mark the turning of a new page as one adventure comes to an end and the next one begins. With this outlook, we invite you to join us for the eleventh event in our “Liberal Alphabet” series, which is entitled “Khalas… What’s next for MENA?”.

The Middle East and North Africa region is certainly unique. It is filled with religious and ethnic tensions, local rivalries, proxy and civil wars, the fight for internationally highly sought-after resources, and much more. Hardly any other region in the world is so affected by conflicts and political instability as the MENA region is. Although initially a geographical term, it is always also politically charged. What do we associate with MENA? Fairy tales from 1001 Nights? Ancient traditions and myths? Wars and conflicts? Possibly a bit of everything? No matter how one looks at it, this fascinating region is full of contradictions… historically, economically, culturally, and politically… and one can’t deny, that Europe is tied into its past, present, and future as well.

Together with local and international guests, FNF Lebanon and Syria Head of Office Dirk Kunze will prepare to say “khalas” to his time in Beirut and bid farewell to Lebanon. On this occasion, we will reflect on the history and outlook of this region and the role that international institutions play in this context. Furthermore, we will unveil our new regional campaign at the event.

Program for Liberal Alphabet K: Khalas… What’s next for MENA?

Architect and political satirist, Karl Sharro aka Karl remarks surely has a few witty reMarks on the current state of the “MENA Region”. Sharro, who will lead through the event is the author of “And then God created the Middle East and said, ‘Let there be Breaking News’”. Copies of his book will be available that evening.

Looking back: What’s next for Lebanon?
Michel Moawad, Member of the Lebanese Parliament and Executive Director of the René Moawad Foundation will be discussing what is next for Lebanon by reflecting on his work on the development level. He will also be talking about his experience with international institutions like FNF and the work with RMF since the 1990s.

International Institutions and personal relations: What’s next for MENA?
Dr. Werner Hoyer, President of the European Investment Bank (EIB), the world’s largest international public lending institution, will speak about the relevance of international organizations in the Middle East and the significance of personal relations in executing projects.

Innovation and Change: Let’s meet MENA!
Dirk Kunze, FNF Lebanon & Syria Head of Office will bring the conversation back to what comes next for MENA, as the region prepares for a new chapter of change and innovation. FNF will be launching an initiative that aims at sharing the FNF journey in different countries and in places which not everyone has access to or knows about. This project is designed to become a reference for unconventional stories and journeys from the MENA region on the social, economic, and political levels.

Tuesday, June 25th – 7:00pm to 10:00 pm

Garage 664, LOFT 1314 Building, Bloc A, GF, Ashrafieh (next to Lycee Francais) Language Undefined

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