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Conflict Resolution Refugees Training

forumZFD, in partnership with the Social Stability Sector , is seeking to contract a trainer on conflict sensitivity and Do No Harm to deliver a series of trainings and mentoring workshops in 2021. Given the current restrictions on mobility and the need to adhere to social distancing measures to protect trainer and trainees, the training(s) shall be conducted online. A re-evaluation of the safety situation shall take place throughout the course of the project to assess if face-to-face trainings could be possible at a later stage.

The objectives of this consultancy are as follows:

  1. LCRP partners to undertake a 2-day exposure  workshop that serves as an introduction to conflict sensitivity and Do No Harm training in each of the four regions in Lebanon to increase awareness of conflict sensitivity and the basic tools required to ensure the application of the principles in their work.
  2. Of the trained organizations in the exposure workshops, organisations shall apply of which four shall be selected  in order to receive an  application workshop (three half-days to ensure the attendance of senior staff) and other follow up mentoring activities that differ from the exposure trainings in that they will be more contextualized by taking examples from the work of the participating organisations./applying the methods on actual project work of the participating organization.
  3. For the four organizations who have participated in last year’s application workshop rounds, a follow-up and evaluation process to measure success in embedding conflict sensitivity in their work shall be conducted.

Task 1: Review training content and develop training plan (4 days)

It is vital that the trainings conducted in 2021 mirror the trainings conducted previously in order to ensure consistency of content throughout the LCRP response. To that end, the first task of the consultancy will be for the trainer to conduct a full review of the trainer course material, the format of the trainings, and review the feedback forms provided by partners to the previous round of the training.

This review will feed into a training content plan where the trainer’s own tools and experience in conflict sensitivity and do no harm will be the incorporated to the training plan. The plan will then be submitted to the Social Stability sector and forumZFD for review.

Task 2: Deliver four exposure (introduction?) training workshops for LCRP partners (8 full days)

 Conduct the following trainings:

  • 2-day training: Zahle (Bekaa & Baalbeck-Hermel)
  • 2-day training: Beirut (Beirut & Mount Lebanon)
  • 2-day training: Tripoli (North & Akkar)
  • 2-day training: Tyre (South & Nabatiye)

Task 3: Deliver four 3-day application workshops and mentoring to selected organisations (16 days)

Following the training workshops, 4 organisations will be selected for a 3-day application workshop (approx. 9h to 14h) with the objective of engraining the processes of conflict sensitivity and principles of do no harm into the operations of those organisations. The application workshops will involve approximately 20 of middle and senior management from these organisations, including Programme Managers and Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) staff.

Following those application workshops, 1-day of further mentoring (either remotely or in person) will be conducted with key focal points in those organisations to assist in the implementation of the application workshop outcomes. This mentoring could be divided into 2 to 3 sessions according to need of the organization and not take place on one and the same day.

3 days of training plus (the sum of) 1 day of mentoring per organisation = 4 days

4 organisations = 16 days

Task 4: Implement a follow-up and evaluation process for participants of 2020 application workshop round (3 days)

In order to determine the longer-term impact of the application workshop, trainer will design and distribute a questionnaire for the Conflict Sensitivity focal points of the four organisations who underwent the application workshop in 2020. A previously developed questionnaire will be made available to benefit from already existing processes. After analyzing the contents of the questionnaire, the trainer will hold a discussion round with each of the organisations to follow-up on their level of progress and discuss successes, challenges and ways-forward to further embed Conflict Sensitivity in the respective organisation. Findings and recommendations from this process will be presented within the final report.    

Task 5: Deliver a report back to forumZFD & UNDP on process (3 days)

Write a report outlining the training methodology and feedback of the participants on the overall effectiveness of the consultancy including lessons learnt and recommendations for future training sessions.

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