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Mercy Without Limits has been established as a non-profit organization in Gaziantep, Turkey, April 2015 with license number 27-020-120 and Tax number 7690696786.


Our projects specialize in caring of women, youth, people with disabilities and children needs through capacity building, protection, education, empowerment, rehabilitation programs, psychological support, livelihood, family counseling and food security projects.

Who We Are

MWL is a humanitarian, advocacy, non-profit organization dedicated to work with communities in order to overcome poverty. MWL main priorities are aimed to empowering women, youth, people with disabilities and children by enabling them to participate in economic, social, and civil spheres. We aim to protecting women, youth, people with disabilities and children rights by the constitution and legislation systems. We work on involving women, youth and people with disabilities in economic, social and civil activities in order to limit marginalization, poverty and violence and empower them by raising awareness for their rights. MWL focuses on community care by creating safe environments through increasing quality of life, mitigating violence, opposing marginalization and striving to eliminate poverty.

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