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County Kildare

<h3>Our Vision</h3>

<p>Trócaire envisages a just and peaceful world where:</p>

<li>People’s dignity is ensured and rights are respected;</li>
<li>Basic needs are met and resources are shared equitably;</li>
<li>People have control over their own lives;</li>
<li>Those in power act for the common good.</li>

<h3>Our Mission</h3>

<p>Inspired by Gospel values, Trócaire works for a just and sustainable world for all.</p>

<p>Trócaire gives expression to this mission by:</p>

<li>Providing long-term support to people who live with extreme poverty in the developing&nbsp;world, enabling them to work their way out of poverty;</li>
<li>Providing assistance to people most in need in emergencies and enabling communities to prepare for future emergencies;</li>
<li>Tackling the structural causes of poverty by mobilizing people for justice in Ireland and abroad.</li>

<h3>Our Values</h3>

<p>All of Trócaire's work is underpinned by the following five values:</p>



<p>2011 Eircom Spider Awards<br />
Shortlisted for Best Not For Profit Website<br />
Shortlisted for Best Campaign (Lent 2011)<br />
<br />
2009 PRII Awards<br />
Winner of Best Integrated PR Campaign<br />
<br />
2008 Eircom Golden Spiders<br />
Shotlisted for Best Not For Profit Website<br />
<br />
2006 Eircom Golden Spiders<br />
Winner of Best Social Networking &amp; Not For Profit Website</p>

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Niamh Guiheen
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Programme Support Officer Middle East