Syrian Network for Human Rights

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We are independent, non-partisan, non-governmental, non-profit organization, founded in June 2011, documents violations committed by all conflict parties against the Syrian people,registered in the UK & USA.
We Are almost 120 members more than one hundred of them are inside Syria , distributed in all Syrian provinces , cities , and villages , the rest are deployed in different countries around the world
Our main Tasks :

Work to protect the human and civil rights of Syrian citizens regardless their ethnicities and affiliations
Observe and monitoring systems and constitutions in order to prevent legitimize the violation of rights and deter before happening
Documenting human rights violations in every time and every where
Control the behavior of governmental agencies to ensure implementation of human rights standards
Accountability : ensure accountability for human rights violators in front of competent authorities
Aware Syrian citizen with their entire human and civil rights
Our Goal
A Syrian citizen enjoy his full civil and humanitarian rights anywhere in the world according to the highest international standards
Notable that SNHR has been the primary source of human rights violations documented with written or depicted statements that have been adopted by several international human rights bodies including UN in Preliminary Statistical Analysis of Documentation of killings in the Syrian Arabic Republic during the Syrian revolution in addition to another relief and human rights international bodies and hundreds of Arab and Foreign media
Since SNHR restructured in 04-11-2011 , our efforts have been representing to fill the gap of covering human rights violation in Syria in the international media for the subjective and internal reasons
SNHR is doing all in our power to overcome these reasons without delay.
It reflected that tens of elite international media institutions ( such as CNN, NBC,SKY NEWS, BBC , NEW YORK TIMES , LOS ANGELES TIMES , ALJAZEERA ENGLISH ) , other Arab Media Station ( such as Jazeera , Arabya , Orient , Sorya Alghad ,,, ) and Arab websites rely in their daily media reports and lengthy program prepared of Syrian Revolution on information and sources of SNHR

NSHR would like to clarify with unacceptable confusion that :
We adopt the highest approved documentation principles by the international bodies
and we are independent of any government or political donor whether opposition or loyal to the Syrian regime
We did not and will not accept any external funding , only received by SNHR members to ensure our excellence independence and professionalism in documenting Human Rights Violations in Syria
It should be noted that SNHR licensed and registered in United Kingdom has nothing to do with some bodies loyal to the Syrian regime , which issue statements on behalf SNHR in Damascus aiming to distort facts about Human Rights violations in Syria that match all taxonomic conditions to be definite as crimes against Humanity and are worth to submit all those responsible to ICC
SNHR headquarters in Syria which are distributed in all the Syrian governorate in addition to the headquarters out of Syria , ( London – Doha , Kuwait and Turkey) , communicate and coordinate momentary with each other for management the work and prepare daily and strategically reports
Syrian Network for Human Rights

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Syrian Network for Human Rights