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910 17th St. NW
District of Columbia

The Syria Institute (TSI) is an independent, non-profit, non-partisan research institution based in Washington, DC. Our mission is to inform smarter policy options for lawmakers and advance the public’s understanding of the situation in Syria in order to help chart the course for a safe, stable, prosperous, and representative future for Syria and the Middle East region.

The ever-deepening Syrian crisis demands a stronger, more effective response from world leaders in order to save lives, stabilize the region, and address the growing threats to international security. TSI emerged out of the recognition that today, in the fifth year of the conflict, serious information and understanding gaps continue to hinder policymakers and influence the public’s response. With timely, high-quality, data-driven research and analysis we shape public discourse and empower decision-makers with innovative policy options.

TSI seeks to engage the general public with information products that are accessible and optimized for the digital age. In this manner, TSI brings more clarity and attention to complex issues in and around Syria that are often sensationalized or overly politicized. Reframing the debates at the domestic U.S. and international levels will both re-engage public interest and drive more responsible and realistic decision-making by our leaders.

In the long term, The Syria Institute aims to become a sustained resource for the responsible development of a future Syrian government. Policy think tanks can play an important role in good governance in developing countries by keeping their governments honest and accountable, proposing new policy initiatives, and nurturing domestic expertise.

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