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Abdulkadir Behçet Caddesi No:30

Spirit is an independent, humanitarian, non-profit & non-governmental organization NGO

Spirit’s Brief History: Established at the end of 2013 originally to provide research, monitoring & evaluation services inside Syria under the name “Fariq Rouh - فريق روح” (the Arabic translation of Spirit Team) where tens of researchers reported & many implemented humanitarian projects were monitored and evaluated by Spirit Team.

In Aug 2015, Spirit Team was transformed into “Spirit” Organization and opened its headquarter in Gaziantep – Turkey. Spirit changed its status from being a research team to a registered NGO in Jan 2016. Spirit’s activities and operations are implemented in Turkey and Syria.

Spirit’s expertise is in providing capacity development services under the “Change Management” concept, through this, Spirit is being distinguished from other NGOs & capacity providers.
We believe that with higher capacities, humanitarian projects are implemented professionally, that leads to the success of providing assistance & aid delivery which is the common aim among all beneficiaries & partners.
Spirit is a learning organization, always eager to integrate lesson learned & positive experience into upcoming plans & projects. 

Spirit’s vision: is to be a significant factor in establishing a developed Syrian civil society based on justice; in parallel, we aim to become the leading “non-profit capacity development” provider for all types of humanitarian organizations & programs.

Spirit’s mission: is to develop community tools, and grant the tool used to the local society in a way that maintains both human rights and dignity; concurrently, developing capacities of the local NGO’s operating within the same society. 

Spirit’s Areas of Intervention:“We strive the best to understand people’s need, so we will be able to manage change better”, through two main programs:

-Community-Based Program.
-Change Management.

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