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Al Tayouneh s.q

Al Caravan was first established in the 2008. It is a Magic House and Magic Caravan & Tent dedicated to educational, entertainment and cultural workshops for children, youth, woman & adults.
Al Caravan is currently conducting Development programs for three months per course, in addition to support programs for education, which train volunteers for a few months to learn how to deal with these cases.

The daily program lasts for Three hours and includes activities, which are meant to release the excess energy found in people, in addition to helping them acquire mechanisms for protection against any danger.
It also encourages them to find solutions to any danger they may find themselves exposed to, while increasing their level of education and those of their trainers as well.

Quarterly program Education, focusing on the Arts, Theater, and Music in which talented people got the support they need to carry on their future.

Due to the current ongoing conflict, Children, young, & youth became displaced in many areas around the world and in refugee camps, also they can also be found in prairies, rural areas and marginalized and semi-safe areas. Hence Magic Caravan tours around these aforementioned areas looking for worst cases

Media production Program, which help disseminate Arabic children’s education and their rights to a safe life in their homeland and cities. Production includes brochures, printed materials, and audio-visual media, which Al Caravan has experience in through producing video & radio (ALC FM) programs for more than ten years ago.

Security food Program, which help and support farmers and local agricultural society inside/outside Syria for their lands, and used our design of solar sun system for give electricity for free and use it without diesel cost.

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Al Caravan

Development for Chlidren,Youth and Adults around Middle East
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GIZ SFCG War Child Baytna Syria
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