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Sawa for Development and Aid is a Civil Society Organisation founded initially as a spontaneous initiative in December 2011 to respond to the arrival of the first 40 Syrian families displaced from Syria into the North of Lebanon.

This initiative then grew to include individual activists, locals and internationals, who worked together (literally meaning ‘Sawa’ in Arabic) to share their knowledge and exchange their experiences in order to support Syrians, internally displaced or refugees in neighbouring countries, united by their belief in their right to live in dignity and freedom, and to be active individuals in their communities, and wherever they are.

Sawa sees itself as part and parcel of the society, and that it is on a continuous learning journey based on a participatory relationship at all levels with the communities that it works with, whether host or displaced, as well as with local and international partners.


Sawa believes that humanitarian, developmental and civic work has to always strive to achieve social justice, and so it aims to work with individuals and communities through holistic interventions towards a society based on democracy, pluralism, and values of citizenship and human rights. 

About the project:

Master Peace is a unique program developed by SAWA dedicated to offer Syrian refugees artistic and sustainable forms of livelihoods through empowering individuals financially, creatively, and spiritually, through integrate three separate production lines (sewing, knitting, and woodcraft) together into one brand, based on Sawa’s core values:
- Dignity
- Sense of ownership
- Integrity
- Self determination

The intention is to create pieces made with passion by lovely hands that can be worn and used in many environments. Each season is an exploration of versatile and convertible cuts based on their culture, carrying the psychological and emotional support provided by Sawa to the Syrian refugees, as taking this our main sense for the brand by providing contemporary timelessness versatility products.

The colors, from subtle to vibrant, are all selected with great consideration for their mood, and evoke harmony with the wearer. Working with richly textured , unique natural fabrics, including hand woven cottons and silks, they enjoy using hand-painting techniques and knitting to create unique one of a kind pieces within each collection. In an ever more disposable world, we hope each Master Peace is a unique treasure; designed to be personalized, coveted and kept with feelings.

We are looking for a graphic designer for Master Peace fashion brand with values:

- Experience in print, digital and web design
- Knowledge in fashion and product design
- Strong image retouching and grading skills
- Ability to time manage deadlines and work loads
- Expert level knowledge and operation of adobe creative suite
- Strong creative and collaborative work approach
- Ability to execute print and digital projects with precision

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Monday, November 19, 2018 - 00:00
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Wednesday, November 7, 2018 - 12:47