Global security challenges (2018)

Application Call

Owner Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Responsible unit Section for Global Security and Disarmament

General information about the grant scheme

The main objective of the grant scheeme is to combat global security challenges, with particular focus on countries affected by conflict and fragility, regions in North Africa, the Sahel, the Horn of Africa, the Middle East and South East Asia, and to support relevant analyses and the development of situational awareness.

The grant scheme covers two aid programmes, one focusing on preventing and combating organised crime and illegal trade, the other on preventing and combating international terrorism and violent extremism.

The priorities for this grant scheme are set out in the Storting’s approval of the Ministry’s budget proposal (Prop. 1 S) on a yearly basis.

Funding provided under this scheme must comply with the OECD/DAC criteria for ODA (official development assistance).

Priority will be given to multi-annual projects of up to three years’ duration with annual budgets of three million Norwegian kroner or above.

Objective and target group

Objectives of the grant scheme are to:

  • strengthen the ability of developing countries to prevent and combat transnational organised crime and illegal trade;
  • strengthen the ability of developing countries to deal with cyber threats and protect their digital infrastructure;
  • prevent and counter radicalisation, violent extremism and terrorism in countries and areas affected by fragility, conflict, violence and vulnerability; 

In addition, the SDG 16 targets and indicators are also relevant to the grant scheme’s objectives and intended results.

The target group for the grant scheme is the population in countries and regions affected by conflict and fragility.

Allocation criteria

Within the framework of the funds available, priority will be given to projects in developing countries that seek to combat global security challenges and help build local authorities’ and organisations’ expertise and capacity in this area.

Organisations that may apply for funding: NGOs (Norwegian, international and local, including non-commercial foundations), the UN system and other multinational organisations.

Applicants may only send one application, but several activities may be included in this application.

If the applicant is a local group or a branch of an organisation, the main organisation should be specified as the applicant.

Commercial actors and political parties are not eligible to apply.

Applications must have clearly defined objectives that facilitate reporting on results, and must include a comprehensive risk assessment. Clear goals with indicators must be set for each activity. If the applicant has previously received funding under the scheme, results achieved in the past will be used as a basis for assessing the current application.

The application must include a full, detailed budget and financing plan. The budget must include funding from all sources. If the project also has other sources of funding, this will count in the applicant’s favour.

About the application process

There is no application deadline for this grant scheme. Applications will be processed on an ongoing basis throughout the year, based on funds available. The Ministry will contact the applicant directly if there are any questions about the application or if there is a need for additional information.

Contact information

Questions about the grant scheme can be sent to the Section for Global Security and

Type of Call: 
Deadline for Applications: 
Monday, December 31, 2018 - 00:00